We are a market-oriented company operating in the field of nano-technologies. This means we are organized around the needs of our customers in more than 10 global markets – from building and industrial coatings to food and health protection. The use of our coatings reduces air pollution, reduces the consumption of cleaning agents, and protects the solar panels. The photocatalytic hydrophilic nanocoating is used in the chemical, construction and energy industries. It cleans the air by controlling unpleasant odors and treats water. The coating is anti-fungal and anti-mold. It perfectly protects various types of structures against water, creating a thin coating with self-cleaning properties. It is also resistant to frequent temperature changes and chemical attack. Air pollution is a serious threat to the environment. Thanks to our intelligent protective coatings based on nanotechnology, you can protect the environment in a natural and safe way.

The scope of activities of Hard Chris

  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-microbial / anti-viral
  • Air purification and refreshment
  • Anti-fogging / Super-hydrophilic
  • Water purification
  • Surface protection
  • Interdisciplinary science

We encourage you to contact us to learn about the details of the offer.