Taxi sociale 500x328 - COVID FREE TAXI

Facing with the choice of massive and repeated use of chemicals, we preferred the road of technological innovation today able to help the surfaces of any object that daily come into contact with our hands to become ” Advanced easy-to-clean hygienic surface”. The most recent and secure nano molecule of Titanium dioxide (TC) is in fact used to coat every object that surrounds us (handles, bathrooms, commercial activities, handrails, public transport, health facilities, sports equipment, rooms Open to the public etc.) and in this case the interior of the taxi. This invisible layer (of nano-thickness but extremely resistant) has the enormous advantage of lasting years and to be “photocatalytic” that is to be naturally stimulated by the light (in the same way as photosynthesis that takes place in nature in the vegetable world). Thanks to this action a natural and continuous development of oxygen is created on the treated surfaces that kills and decomposes H24 each bacterium and virus present. The pandemic that struck the world in the last year has driven us to test the effectiveness of the TC also towards the SARS-COV-2: the results were exceptional and such as to present the TC the only one Product to pass the official test in accordance with the international ISO 21702 standard with destruction> 99% in 24 hours. Thanks to the treatment with TCwithin the social taxi the journey of the elderly will also be safe from the point of view of personal health.