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Medical Clinic 2 - Medical clinic treatment

The protection of security and health of patients, employees and doctors is the first attention of the clinics. No environment as the health care has the moral obligation to search for every possible innovative solution that guarantees the highest standard of safety and health protection.

Following the pandemic, the SARS-COV-2 virus was studied: it survives on different surfaces for several hours and possibly days, so it can move from hands to surfaces and vice versa.

The US Centers for Disease Control has found the active virus after 3 days on the surface of banknotes and glass, up to 6 days on plastic and steel. The Australian CSIRO agency found “extremely robust” virus after 28 days on the screen of mobile phones, plastic and glass when in the same conditions the influenza virus does not exceed 17 days (Virology Journal).

Therefore, to prevent infections it is necessary to prepare, clean and disinfect all surfaces carefully. The TC Bacto Vir Shield (Photo Catalytic Coating based on Nano TiO2) once applied to the surfaces creates an invisible layer with self-disinfectant effect. The result is a lasting protection of surfaces within public areas and especially in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics where there are numerous ultra-fine pathogenic agents that are transported by air, finally fall on surfaces.

For this reason the Medical Clinic Dalla Rosa Prati – Headquarters of Cremona treated all the surfaces within the clinics with TC Bacto-Vir Shield © making them activated and “self-aggressive” that is to complete the abatement and decomposition of bacteria and viruses, including the SARS-COV-2. We remind that the TC Bacto-Vir Shield © is today the only surface treatment of the world that has exceeded ISO21702 tests with the reduction of 99.8% of the SARS-COV-2 in 24 hours receiving the certification By the Virology RerSearch Services Ltd in London last April 23, 2021.

The comparison between the values ​​detected on the surfaces before treatment and subsequent ones, highlighted as already starting from the day of treatment the bactericidal action has returned the majority of the treated surfaces within a perfect hygienic standard, equal to the requirements of a food surface, with a confirmed destruction over time >99.9%.

With reference to the most predisposed to manual contact surfaces (access handles, electronic payment keybords, bath etc.) the results showed even more evident efficacy and improvement by confirming how the joint action of periodic disinfection treatments on surfaces covered with nano photocatalytic coating allows to get surfaces with the highest standard of hygiene.