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Advanced Nano Technologies


Photocatalytic / Hydrophilic Nano Coating

J110 418 Lab7 411x500 - Products

Our advanced nano coating product combine photocatalytic and super-hydrophilic features together, which can be widely used in environment protection, healthcare, food, chemicals, buildings maintanence, construction and energy industries to provide excellent protection and amazing function.

  • Anti-bacteria / Anti-Virus
  • Self-cleaning and Anti-Dirty
  • Air purification
  • Odor Control
  • Anti-Mold
  • Energy Saving
  • Water treatment

Hydrophobic Nano Coating Agent

HA3 500x332 - Products

Nano hydrophobic coating using biomimetic technology to provide lotus effect through nano scale surface modification. Our coating agent can provide excellent hydrophobic ability and high transparency in the meanwhile.

  • Water proofing on constructions
  • Windshield hydrophobic treatment
  • Bathroom hydrophobic protection